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Dr. Christine Grant is a highly qualified professional mentor and career coach. Powered by years of experience, she has led multiple individuals and groups to overcome their professional development issues and move toward a highly successful career.

Specializing in mentoring in STEM fields, Dr. Grant provides one-on-one coaching in addition to group coaching programs through webinars. She has mentored hundreds of students, post docs, faculty and professionals. Her coaching is different in that is empowers you to discover the path forward for yourself through a series of strategic questions and discussions. Coaching from Dr. Grant takes what you have and identifies what you need, to get what you want, with an emphasis on moving forward in a manner consistent with your overarching core values (professional and personal).  She will work with you to customize a tailored plan in order to for you to advance professionally.

Dr. Grant has dedicated her career to empowering individual in the STEM community by helping them to identify, create and execute a career vision through her mentorship programs. She understands firsthand the challenges many women and underrepresented minorities in STEM face and provides strategies for individuals and their organizations to effectively broaden participation. She also works with organizational leadership to brainstorm solutions and craft strategies to execute change in their organizations.

Dr. Grant will not only identify the issues and help you learn you how to tackle them, she will provide support along the way during this on-going process. Helping you gain momentum is her ultimate goal, guiding you through the ups and downs while you gain the proper tools to remain resilient. These coaching sessions are scheduled to maximize impact and effectively leverage the time you have available for professional development and can be customized to fit you or your groups specific needs.

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“The personal, one to one, coaching has made a tremendous impact in my daily agenda. My approach to maximizing my opportunities as a post doc has been re-fined. The confidence level that I bring to my position search and networking opportunities have evolved as well. Thanks for your insight and continued support.” 

– Purdue University Coaching Client