International Motivational Speaker

Dr. Christine Grant has traveled the world as a motivational speaker, specializing in empowering men, women and underrepresented minorities on the STEM pathway. She has shared over 30 years of STEM experience with countless audiences. As a STEM Resilience Strategist, Dr. Grant speaks on how to successfully navigate your own career by sharing strategies related to resiliency and empowerment. Her goal is for you to move beyond your credentials to clear the path for career success. Through these motivational talks, she will provide your group with the fundamental opportunities for change, guiding them on their journey.

Dr. Grant’s speaking events range from a 20-min talk, hour long keynotes, interactive webinars, and seminars for industry and academia. You can choose from the list of established speaking topics below or co-create a customized talk to best fit the needs of your group.

Top Speaking Topics

  • STEM RESILIENCE: Your Secret Weapon!

  • Navigating Excellence on Your Own Terms!

  • Leveraged Empowerment: Identify, Create and Execute!

  • Navigating your Journey on the Academic Sea

  • Success Strategies in STEM (Aligned with the book “Success Strategies from Women in STEM by Academic Press)

  • Academic Resilience – Beyond the how…Understanding your why!

“Dr. Grant has a wonderful presentation style that makes thoughtful, insightful information accessible to the entire audience. She brings an energy to her presentations that is contagious, and makes it easy to discuss issues that are often difficult to bring out into the open about struggles that women academics especially women academics of color have with being recognized for their accomplishments, and branching out beyond the walls of their institution as entrepreneurs.” 

– Dr. Yvette M. Huet