WOW… Words can not express how much I enjoyed having having Dr. Christine Darden (featured in the Hidden Figures book) and over 50 of my new STEM Resilience partners at our event at McCormick and Schmidt’s on August 16, 2017!


After the Darden event I heard the following:

  • “I had a major health crisis this year and was not sure I should continue in my job – now I know there is more work for me to do!”
  • “Can you please sign your mother’s poetry book for me? We are remembering our mother as well and this is a special part of memories of mom!”
  • “Wow, this was powerful and transformational for me!”
  • “Thanks again for getting us in at the last minute!  It was good to meet you. It was so neat to get to listen to someone who worked at NASA, especially doing Math! by Hand! My mind boggles at the thought!